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Are you picturing cosying up to a real fire on a cold evening? Do you see a traditional stove set in a stone inglenook with rustic wood mantel or a modern cylindrical pedestal stove on a glass hearth with the clean lines of an external flue system? Whatever you are picturing we would love to help make your dream of a solid fuel stove a reality.

If you are looking for a wood burning or multifuel stove our team are here for you. Our Sunderland showroom can help with the design and style of stove you would like and our OFTEC certified installation team can provide a free quotation to turn your dream stove installation into a reality.

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That’s not a problem we are still happy to supply a quotation for the stove installation across Tyne and Wear or County Durham areas.

Stoves in a Smokeless Zone?

If you live in a smokeless zone that doesn’t need to mean the end of your solid fuel stove dreams. All you need is to pick a DEFRA approved or smokeless zone exempt stove both of which we can supply. However, you should note that only specific fuels can be burned on these, either kiln dried and approved logs or smokeless fuel (coal alternative).

Solid Fuel Stove - Portway Rochester 7 Multifuel

Stove installation on wooden floor boards

Installations of solid fuel stoves on top of wooden floor boards (or combustible materials) rather than your usual concrete hearth are possible. If this is your vision just make sure that any stove you pick is rated for a 12mm hearth (and that you plan to install it on one).

OFTEC Registered Stove Installation Tyne & Wear

Oftec Registered business

We strive to bring our customers vision to reality and our solid fuel installation team are OFTEC certified (HETAS equivalent) which means we can sign off our own solid fuel stove installations. This saves you the hassle of organising and paying for a separate building control certificate. Giving you not only added peace of mind that your stove installation is safe as well as beautiful.

Solid Fuel Stoves

Arundel Multifuel Stove
Arundel Solid Fuel Stove
Portway Rochester 5 Multifuel Stove - one of our Solid Fuel Stoves in Sunderland -

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